Do you have a damaged fusion splicer, OTDR or other pieces of optical test gear that you can’t justify replacing? Send it to us for a free evaluation and quote. A minor repair could save you a lot of money compared to buying new. Our veteran technicians are highly experienced at troubleshooting to the component level and have worked on the majority of equipment in the market.

Test Equipment We Repair

  • OTDR
  • Power Meter
  • Light Source
  • Fusion Splicers
  • Optical Loss Test Sets
  • Live Fiber Identifiers
  • Chromatic Dispersion Testers
  • Polarization Mode Dispersion units


Equipment Manufacturers


GN NetTest             Fitel

Exfo                          Sumitomo

JDSU                         AFL

Corning                   Inno

Anritsu                    Ilsintech

Kingfisher               Wilcom


We understand that test equipment typically stops working at the times when you need it most. Because Murphy’s Law never works in your favor, we make every effort to repair and ship your unit back in the shortest time possible. Repair turnaround varies based on availability of replacement parts and customer approval.


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