Legacy Fiberoptics’ installation teams are equipped with the latest equipment to perform fusion splicing and testing for fiber optic networks. Fusion splicing has quickly become the termination style of choice for most fiber optic networks as  splicing offers a high performance connection with low loss and no back reflection.

Our splicing technicians use AFL and Inno fusion splicers to complete work.   Our units are maintained regularly and our technicians perform two arc calibrations per day to ensure the splicer is set up for optimum splicing.   Our ISP splicing services include the following options:


Pigtail Splicing

Splice on Connectors

Fiber To Fiber

Fiber to Optical Splitters

Rack Mount Panels

Wall Mount Panels

OSP  to ISP Transitions

Fiber optic splice cassettes

All projects are built using industry standard performance thresholds. Our installation teams will build a network using our custom “Desired Performance Specifications” which are superior to industry standards.  Our goal is to provide a fiber optic system which exceeds the desired industry performance standards for Insertion Loss and Optical Return Loss.

Installation Testing

Any project that Legacy Fiberoptics installs, we also test and furnish custom reports of all test results for the end user.   Legacy technicians use the latest test equipment to verify that our installations conform to the highest quality standards.   We provide pre-installation fiber spool testing, post installation attenuation testing, bi-directional OTDR testing and 100% visual inspection of connectors and patch panels. Our testing procedures are developed according to industry standards and our equipment is calibrated annually to ensure the most accurate and repeatable test results.



For more information please contact our Professional Services group at 315-507-4274.