AquaKleen Wet/Dry Cleaning Wipes

Part Number 80027

Wet cleaning wipe stay moist 5 times longer than IPA wipes for multiple cleans. Dry wipe is super absorbent and 25% larger than other wipes on the market. Sold as 12 pack


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Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit – Troubleshooting

Part number 80026

This cleaning kit is designed for troubleshooting applications where having the right tools is critical. Kit includes Wet-to-Dry cleaning for almost any application and One Click cleaners for bulkheads, patch cords and test equipment.


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Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit Complete

Part Number 80024

Fiber Optic cleaning kit provides necessary components for cleaning applications including fusion splicing, Wet-to-Dry connector cleaning, One Clicks for bulkheads, test equipment and patch cable cleaning.


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Kim Wipes

Part number 80023

Low Lint wipes are for delicate cleaning tasks like fiber optic connectors and fusion splicing. 260 wipes per box.


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