Kingfisher Inspection Microscope

Kingfisher Inspection Microscope offer high magnification with IR filters for an affordable price. View centering adjust and simple dial rotation focus make for easy operation with a safe, crystal clear image. 400x magnification.

Part number KI6611


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Kingfisher KI-TK022X 734x Series Two Way LTS with ORL Kit

The Kingfisher 734X platform enables technicians to test fibers in both directions at up to 4 wavelengths. Auto Test functionality allows for simple and efficient test procedures. One button USB data transfer for fast downloading of test results. Inspection microscope cleaning supplies and KITS reporting software included. Three year calibration cycle.

Part Number KI-TK022X

Please call to discuss options. Pricing based on specific configurations.

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Kingfisher KI-TK038 Pocket LTS 9000 Series SM/MM Kit

The Kingfisher Pocket LTS kit is a versatile test kit which can incorporate Singlemode and Multimode in one package. Low cost interchangeable adapters for a variety of connector choices. KITS reporting software included for manual data entry.

Part Number KI-TK038


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Kingfisher Light Source KI 9800

The Kingfisher 9800 Light Source provides a compact light source capable of delivering up to 3 wavelengths per port. Singlemode options include 1310/1490/1550/1625nm and MM 850/1300nm

Part Number KI9822A 1310/1550nm
KI9812A 850/1300nm

Price KI9822A $1,016.00
KI9812A $960.00

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Kingfisher Light Source KI 2800

The Kingfisher 2800 light source is available with Singlemode options including 1310/1490/1550/1625nm and Multimode with 850/1300nm. Auto Test functionality with all Kingfisher Auto Test capable units. Custom models can offer up to 6 wavelengths.

Part Number KI2803 Multimode 850/1300
KI2822 Singlemode 1310/1550nm

KI2803 $1,571
KI2822 $1,634

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