Kin-Young KY 3116 Light Source

The Kin Young 3316 Light Source allows technicians to test fiber optic cable at multiple wavelengths. Laser output power is adjustable for specific application requirements. Unit operates on 2 AA batteries and comes with and AC power supply.

Part Number KY3116


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Kin-Young KY 3216 Optical Power Meter

The Kin Young KY3216 Series power meter is designed to work with the KY 3116 light source. The KY3216 power meter is calibrated for 6 different wavelengths along with wavelength and frequency ID function. Saves 1000 test measurements and uses USB cable to transfer test results.

Part Number KY3216


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Kin-Young KY 3500 OTDR

The Kin-Young KY 3500 OTDR is a versatile unit with Singlemode wavelengths of 1310/1550nm for testing links up to 120km. This unit is powered by a Lithium battery which offers 10 hours of testing; perfect for splicing contractors, ISP/OSP projects and data center crews working long days.

Part Number KY3500-06


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Kin-Young KY 6500 OTDR

The KY6500 OTDR is a cost effective solution for contractors who need to test fiber quickly. Built with a touch screen and short cut key, the user interface is easy to navigate for first time users. Large internal memory and Lithium Ion battery allow the unit to work all day. Multiple wavelength options available which allow the user to configure the OTDR to test multiple wavelengths and compare results.

Versions include:

KY6500-SV20C 1310/1550nm + VFL,38/36dB, $4,916.67
KY6500-SS24CF 1310/1550/1625nm,38/36/34dB,Filtered 1625nm $6,583.33
KY6500-SV30A 1310/1490/1550nm + VFL,32/30/30dB, PON Testing $4,583.33
KY6500-MS8335BC 850/1300nm +1310/1550nm,23/21/38/36dB $10,000

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Kin-Young Optical Loss Test Set

The Kin Young Loss Test Set allow technicians a flexible testing solution which can test multiple wavelengths. The set is capable of using Wave and Frequency ID for special testing applications. Power meter stores 1,000 measurement and uses USB cable to transfer results to PC.

Part Number KYLTS


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Visual Fault Locator

Visual Fault Locator is the perfect tool for troubleshooting and trace fibers between interconnection panels. Quickly identify bends and bad fusion splices with intense 650nm red light.

Part Number KY3105P-5MW


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