PON OTDR and LTS testing can be a challenging task for technicians unfamiliar with passive optical architecture.    Legacy Fiberoptics specializes in optical testing including PON networks during construction, activation or troubleshooting.  Our technicians are equipped with the latest test equipment to perform the most efficient testing process.  Our Fiber to the Home PON Testing service equips our technicians with the right tools and equipment to complete:

  • 100% Visual Connector Inspection
  • Construction Phase Testing
  • Activation Phase Testing
  • Live Fiber Troubleshooting
  • Verify optical spectrum at transmitter and reciever
  • Provide detailed final reports for all services
PON Trace

The Fiber to the Home industry has seen dramatic growth in the last 3 years as companies like Google, Cincinnatti Bell and TDS Telecom strive to reach more customers with 1 gig service.  This type of network requires intricate engineering along with well documented installations and testing.   As built drawings and construction phase test results will provide crucial data for future technicians to maintain and expand these networks.

FTTH Passive Optical Networks or PON architecture has evolved over recent years with systems becoming more cost efficient, while reaching more customers with higher bandwidth.  The core concept to understand about the architecture of a PON network is the passive optical splitter.  The passive optical splitter allows one fiber to carry signal very close to the end user, the signal is then divided by the splitter and delivered to multiple users.  This ability to share bandwidth greatly reduces the investment required to provide fiber to each customer’s location.   The diagram to the right illustrates a simple FTTH PON system servicing a residential area.  Multiple signals including  phone, internet and TV are transmitted over the same fiber simultaneously.

FTTH PON Drawing

Please feel free to contact our Professional Services group at 315-507-4274  to discuss your PON Testing needs.  We are available to test any phase of a PON network.  Full customized reports will be provided to document our testing procedures and results of your network.