OTDR  testing and Optical Loss Testing for fiber optic network installations doesn’t need to be a complex, confusing or stressful undertaking for a contractor.  At Legacy Fiberoptics we believe fiber optic network testing needs to be streamlined, transparent and most of all accurate.  Our testing engineers are equipped with the latest test equipment for precise measurements and organized results to create custom final reports.

During our time as a testing contractor we have found customer testing specifications ranging from overkill to non-existent.   Our engineers test to industry standards for high speed networks.  Customers with custom testing procedures are invited to discuss custom parameters with our engineers during initial conversations.


One common mistake that customers and contractors make is to test only for attenuation or insertion loss.  While this test will provide very accurate measurements of the optical power being lost, it does not account for the reflective performance of connectors.  Total system optical return loss can be just as detrimental to a system as poor insertion loss.  Legacy engineers recommend testing for ORL as well as Insertion Loss just to be sure the system performs properly.

The units shown below are versatile tools which allow our engineers to test multiple criteria simultaneously.  Having the proper test equipment can help create improved efficiency and accuracy;  not to mention help generate organized test results quickly.

FOT-930 Max Tester
Kingfisher 7340 Two way tester with ORL

Exfo FOT 930 Max Tester

Kingfisher Bi-Directional Tester

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer or OTDR testing is one of the most misunderstood forms of testing within the fiber industry.  OTDR testing is by far the most effective style of testing to identify poor reflectance issues, cable breaks, dirty connectors, bad fusion splices and bends in a cable.  A skilled technician can identify issues in a link within minutes if not seconds of the OTDR trace being completed.  Having someone who is highly skilled with an OTDR can greatly reduce troubleshooting time.

Our engineers will use the most up-to-date testing techniques and practices including 100% connector inspection, launch cables, reflectance measurements and more.  Contact us today to schedule an opportunity to discuss your fiber project or testing needs.

Nettest CMA 4000 OTDR

GN Nettest CMA 4000 OTDR

OTDR Launch Cable

Fiber Optic Launch Cable

Contaminated Connector End Face

dried overapplication

Long Haul OTDR Trace

Training OTDR shot

Short OTDR Trace with Issue

OTDR Trace with results

Bi-Directional OTDR Trace Long Haul

Bidirection OTDR Large

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