Legacy Fiberoptics understands the complex nature of testing 100 gig networks because we continue to educate ourselves about these networks to better serve our customers.  Our  100 gig testing philosophy is to first have a clear understanding of customer’s network and needs. Once we understand that information we can move onto the important questions.  Do they need to verify that the fiber can handle the new signal or test the entire network to confirm it performs to specifications?

With more next generation networks coming on line today, the testing world has changed dramatically.  Companies can no longer afford to turn up a system and hope it works.  100 gig Coherent  links deliver superior performance over long distances compared to conventional Non Coherent systems.  With the implementation of new transmission schemes and additional network equipment, the 100 Gig world is quickly evolving.

Don’t be fooled,  not all 100 gig networks are the same, which makes testing so important.  We understand the difference between ROADM and Amplified networks, CFP’s, Line Side vs Client Side 100 gig, testing thresholds and signal impairments which are all important criteria for developing a quality testing program.

Our testing service will address important aspects of your network including:

  • Fiber plant’s physical health
  • 100% connector end face inspectionDP-QPSK bucket
  • Spectral attenuation
  • Router operation
  • CFP compliance
  • Signal to Noise




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